Local community parks supporters are excited to share a new video about local parks and community service needs. Two years in the making, the video provides commentary from well-known community leaders about:

  • The 20-year cycle of decreased funding

  • Per-capita spending in comparison to other regional cities

  • Local community led projects

The East Metro Arts and Community Council (EMACC) developed this video to increase re-investments in area parks and natural areas. We are asking community groups share the video and engage in the discussion about parks and community services.

To host a screening of the video, email us at

We will work with your group to show the video and provide a fun activity too!

The purpose of the video is to increase awareness of the current parks and community service levels. We want to work with YOU and your community, providing a case for advocacy. There are no formal community recreation services offered by the City of Gresham. Recreations programs are limited in Fairview, Troutdale and Wood Village. Parks operations — such as restrooms, repairs, picnic shelters and mowing — are provided in all four cities but also are very limited. Local residents viewing the film will have an increased understanding of parks service levels and the need for renewed investment in East County parks.

Produced by Calcagno media with assistance from local youth filmmakers SeaJay McConville and Malik Cistruck.


     Would funding be stabilized if East County cities combined economic forces?  

     The Springwater Parks and Community District is a group of citizens who want to explore those possibilities. We are dedicated to securing a feasibility study on whether a joint parks and recreation effort makes sense.  

     The study, much like a business plan, would provide concrete data to determine the best course for East Multnomah County.  

     Don’t you want to know whether services can be enhanced, provide more economically, or if we can do more working together? 

     We don’t want a new layer of bureaucracy. We want services provided with the best value for taxpayers.  

     That’s impossible to determine without a feasibility study.

     Lottery dollars through the State Parks and Recreation Department can help pay for a study. A municipal government — like Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview or Wood Village — just has to apply for a grant to cover it.

     Our growing community can’t afford not to explore the options for greater economic growth or for our health and quality of life.


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