Funding Recreation Projects Report

For some pretty amazing insights into how to successfully fund park recreation projects, check out this presentation by Rocky Houston with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Berkeley California's Kick the Can Campaign

Learn about the model consumption tax recently passed to support nutrition, physical activity in schools as well as other health and disease prevention efforts.

Oregon Values & Beliefs Report


National Recreation and Park Association

          An Evidenced-Based Approach

           A Public Health Perspective

American Trails Magazine

           The Economics of American Trails

Regional Equity Atlas

           Coalition for a Liveable Future

On August 5, 2014 voters in the City of Seattle approved Proposition 1 which created the Seattle Park District. The Park District will provide sustainable funding for Seattle Parks and Recreation, ensuring that programs and facilities continue serving the people of Seattle - a wonderful legacy has been established. Check out the City Council proposal here: 

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