More Green Jobs

Some communities also are studying the economic potential of advancing sustainable agriculture enterprises. In Southeastern Pennsylvania, one study determined that this has the potential to create jobs and add to the local, grass-roots economy while supplying additional fresh, nutritious food to the region’s population. The findings conservatively estimate that sustainable agricultural enterprises on a small portion of the region’s protected parkland, utility corridors, and Philadelphia’s vacant lots could generate nearly $258 million annually in crop value in the five-county region.

The Springwater District is interested in seeing if a similar enterprise has economic potential for East Multnomah County.

The District also believes that East Multnomah County, which is already an agricultural hub and a major player in the nursery industry, is ripe for green jobs with fast growth and major economic impact. According to a USDA-funded research report, the environmental horticulture industry (Green Industry), “is one of the fastest growing segments of the nation’s agricultural economy,” according to Project EverGreen. Its economic impact was estimated to include:

• $147.8 billion in output

• $64.3 billion in labor income

• $6.9 billion in indirect business taxes

• 1,964,339 jobs

• $95.1 billion in value added